Our Approach

Our methodology helps to manage expectations, timelines and most importantly results.


Over the years of experience and practice in the field we have developed an easily implemented and reliable methodology for engagements. Our methodology helps to manage expectations, timelines and most importantly results. As we work with our partners we use a five-phase framework that includes assessment, design, implementation, management and support. All phases of the methodology can take place either onsite, remotely or both depending on the project requirements.


Assessment of the business clients’ requirements is a critical first step towards a successful engagement. This can be a completely formal process for large opportunities, or it can simply be a conference call to determine what services are needed. During the assessment we analyze the major infrastructure elements including network, servers, operating systems, applications, storage and security in order to make recommendations which will enable the proper alignment.


The solution design phase can vary from one project to the next, but will always include a pilot and user acceptance testing. During this design phase we will architect the solution, based on requirements in a detailed document. In most cases, the solution design is developed in tandem with the client to assure questions are answered, transfer knowledge related to the design and continue to engage the relationship with the client.


During the implementation process, we build, test and deploy the design quickly, within budget leveraging our project management and technological expertise. Work during this phase can be executed either on site or remotely using our exclusive 'Working Bridge' solution. Blended delivery models are also available to reduce the total cost of the deployment, which provide a more cost competitive edge.


We assist in implementing the right management, support and training model based on the newly architected and implemented design to increase the ease of usability and overall management of the solution. We can also provide additional, dedicated services as an extension.


We stand behind our workmanship. We are also a good point of escalation when your local options are, well - out of options. We can remotely support your internal team while they are supporting your clients even if the Microsoft and / or Citrix product is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Our unique position in the market provides an extended value proposition to you as a channel partner. Your clients no longer have to wait weeks for service and implementation.

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Understanding the Real Impact

Organizations today understand the benefits to a virtual infrastructure, but not all understand the complete impact to business. Let us help you get the full picture with an assessment of your environment. You'll be surprised at what the real cost of ownership is and how we can help reduce it. Our proven approach and methodology is used to understand the impact to business from end to end.

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If you have a virtualization solution and are having some challenges, use our express virtualization health check service to get an understanding of what's wrong and how we can help.

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