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Citrix AppDNA application migration software enables enterprises to confidently discover, automate, model and manage applications.


Citrix AppDNA application migration software enables enterprises to confidently discover, automate, model and manage applications for faster application migration, easier application virtualization and streamlined application management. Taking application migration and management to a new level, AppDNA software combines insight about applications with highly accurate application testing, remediation and compatibility to reduce project time and cost. AppDNA software uncovers the knowledge needed to guide business decisions about application compatibility, migration, management and long-term application portfolio evolution.

Accelerate application deployment and make better implementation decisions

AppDNA software helps organizations discover the effect of application issues and proposed implementations on users, workgroups and devices to make informed decisions about their environment. This helps IT complete projects more quickly at lower risk and cost, including Windows® XP migration, Internet Explorer®, Microsoft® App-V™, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, VDI and Windows Server 2012® initiatives. The solution integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager®, Microsoft Active Directory® and Lakeside Software to accelerate environment inventory and application discovery processes.

  • Automate application testing, saving up to 89 percent of the time of manual testing
  • Model application outcomes and choose the best deployment method, physical or virtual
  • Obtain remediation insight and accelerate time-to-deployment with optional automated remediation

Simplify ongoing application management

The Citrix AppDNA application management software platform manages applications after deployment, providing ongoing environmental data to help you make the right decisions as you add new applications, patches and service packs to the enterprise portfolio.

  • Discover application issues with sophisticated testing
  • Model application outcomes to determine the best plan of action
  • Automate application remediation and packaging processes
  • Manage ongoing application evolution after launch of the migration or virtualization project

Automated Application Testing

Citrix AppDNA software automates manual application testing processes for commercial, homegrown and web applications. Determining the behavior of applications across multiple operating systems and virtualization environments, AppDNA software provides accuracy, deep insight about application behavior and incredible time savings so you can test a variety of deployment options and make the right choices for your organization. Estimate the time and cost savings automating application management with the application management ROI calculator.

Provide deep application compatibility and migration testing

AppDNA software automates application compatibility and migration testing, providing deep insight into application behavior across the application portfolios in the enterprise. Typically storing over 68,000 application data points, known as the application's "DNA," AppDNA software determines the behavior of the application against multiple operating systems and virtualization environments. Broad functionality lets you test application compatibility against Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, Citrix XenApp, Microsoft App-V, Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 as well as Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11.

Apply unique algorithmic application testing

Based on sophisticated heuristic algorithms instead of rigid rules, AppDNA software uniquely interrogates the application's installation profile, API usage and other components to expose application behaviors and issues. AppDNA software extracts a similar DNA profile from an OS, whether a "vanilla" out-of-the box version or an entire set of customized OS images. This enables you to analyze for complex dependencies such as operating system, DLLs, APIs and restricted access to registry entries.

Ensure accuracy with automated testing

The depth and flexibility of AppDNA software algorithms provide far greater accuracy than other application testing options. Instead of having to deploy applications and agents or try to use all of an application's functionality in the hope of finding issues, AppDNA software lets you replace dynamic analysis with static analysis to reduce the process to days rather than weeks or months. This greatly reduces cost, time and risk.

Calculate the automation time and cost savings with the application management ROI calculator.

Simplify testing of difficult applications

AppDNA software analyzes a wide variety of installation formats, including MSI and EXE, enabling you to test in-house developed applications and legacy commercial applications as easily as current commercial applications. Because no applications need to be run or even installed, AppDNA software can test either a pilot project of a few hundred applications or an entire 15,000 application portfolio in a matter of hours or days. The top-level result of the analysis is a clear red/amber/green report of the severity of application compatibility and application remediation issues. Technical staff can drill down easily into exacting detail.

Simplify web application compatibility testing

AppDNA software lets you simplify rollouts of Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 by using AppDNA software to manage web application compatibility testing. AppDNA software employs automatic spidering technology to traverse and analyze web applications. The spider allows form data to be entered, if required, along with depth limitation. AppDNA software has the ability to import web application source files (HTML, etc.) during the analysis to further improve analytical accuracy.

Clear Application Remediation

AppDNA software provides clear explanations and application remediation fixes for issues, helping you align application remediation processes for the enterprise and the project. By recognizing application changes, you can make the right deployment decisions.

Determine best application deployment paths

AppDNA software simplifies application deployment modeling and helps you make informed decisions for application deployment based on the red/amber/green status of application compatibility testing. Organizations make informed decisions for application deployment, whether physical deployment via Windows, virtual deployment via Microsoft App-V or Citrix XenApp or a virtual desktop option combining Windows Server 2012 and Citrix XenDesktop.

Align staff, budget and resources for deployments

Clear application compatibility results help you determine how to best align staff, budget and resources. AppDNA software reports show which applications should go to application packaging teams and which need to go to an application specialist. By choosing different application deployment options, you can decide whether some sets of applications should be virtualized on Microsoft App-V or Citrix XenApp instead of physically deployed via Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. AppDNA software has the ability to combine application information with user, group and device information via unique integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory as well as the ability to consume information from Lakeside Software.

Know the effect of applications on users

AppDNA software simplifies decision making by showing you in advance the impact of different application deployments on the organization. Consuming managed application information from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory as well as unmanaged application data from Lakeside Software, only AppDNA can show both application issues and their direct effect on users, groups or devices. Learn if a troublesome application is a problem for just one user or thousands. Simplify choices by knowing the results of application deployments on the organization.

Calculate application migration effort

AppDNA software models the impact of changes in project timeline, staff numbers, staff cost or the number of applications deployed. You can sort groups of users, such as the human resources department, to determine which enterprise groups may be easiest to deploy first, and gauge the time it may take to migrate work groups or regional divisions. Model the project numbers based on the applications, staff, budget and timeline.

Simplify application remediation

AppDNA software shows detailed application remediation options to make the best choices for in-house standards and regulations, best practices like ITIL or auditing requirements. Insight into dependencies, change impact and difficulty of remediation helps you choose the best application remediation for your environment and simplifies remediation for web applications, physical deployments or virtual deployments.

Accelerate application remediation

AppDNA software shows the complete application landscape. Green light applications require just a quick manual review and user acceptance testing before deployment. You can remediate application issues in yellow light or red light applications by choosing the best remediation option suggested by AppDNA software or enabling auto-remediation if appropriate in the environment. Tie AppDNA application work to in-house application identification practices for simplified bill-back and tracking.

Automated Application Packaging

As part of an application compatibility, transformation or ongoing application management process, AppDNA software can also automate application packaging for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 as well as application virtualization projects. Application packagers can spend valuable time on strategic tasks instead of laboring through manual testing and repackaging.

Create quality, informed MSI packages

AppDNA software shares remediated MSI with commercial application packaging tools already in place at many enterprises. By creating quality, informed packages that can fare well with one round of user testing, AppDNA software eliminates the need for multiple iterations of user acceptance testing before deployment.

Focus application packaging teams

AppDNA software simplifies virtual and physical package creation, automating manual tasks so valuable application packaging teams can focus on managing more difficult issues and streamlining repetitive tasks.

Automate application virtualization

For a single application or an entire batch of applications, AppDNA software automatically creates virtual application packages ready to deploy via Microsoft App-V or Citrix XenApp. AppDNA software uniquely invokes the Citrix Profiler and the Microsoft App-V Sequencer, automatically creating virtual packages ready for deployment. AppDNA software simultaneously supports both physical and virtual application deployment.

Daily Application Management

After a migration, AppDNA software provides ongoing application management features that save time, cost and risk when new applications, patches, service packs or new technology initiatives impact the IT organization. By taking care of your applications on a regular basis, you can better prepare for new application deployment, XP to Windows 8.1 migration or private cloud initiatives and avoid having to repeat major "big bang" projects.

Manage ongoing change

AppDNA software enables you to streamline day-to-day application compatibility and simplify application management. By using AppDNA software to understand clearly how the application environment will be impacted by regular patches, service packs or technology initiatives, you can take better care of applications on a regular basis and prepare for new application deployment, Windows 8.1 or private cloud projects. As a result, you can know—and reduce—the risks before application deployment.

Eliminate guesswork for VDI or cloud projects

For larger initiatives like VDI, cloud or combined application deployment, AppDNA software determines the impact of changing the organization from a physical platform to a virtualization option. Eliminating guesswork and late-night estimates, AppDNA software uses the application compatibility of the application portfolio to model the performance of applications in virtual settings.

Model application deployment choices

Unique forward-path modeling makes it easy for you to determine the best application deployment scenarios. Application data and AppDNA software help you determine if a Citrix XenDesktop, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1 configuration will work with your enterprise application portfolio. A single fast and accurate report lets you model best-case scenarios and second-choice plans for different technologies.

Advanced Application Management Reporting

AppDNA software reports provide unprecedented insight into your application portfolio. Reports can be customized for local brand, customs and detail purposes as well as technical or business-focused information.

Gauge application compatibility readiness

The AppDNA software Assessment View Report provides a top-level view of application compatibility results, explaining the AppDNA software algorithm methodology and common application compatibility issues in simple terms. A clear red/amber/green overview provides instant insight across your application environment.

Determine application remediation next steps

The AppDNA software Remediation Report provides a view of compatibility issues detected for each application and provides suggestions for application remediation fixes. Eliminating the guesswork in why an application won't work well on a new OS or virtual environment, AppDNA software shows the actual issue, why it happened and how to fix it.

Simulate project timelines with effort reports

The AppDNA software Effort Calculator Report details the remediation actions required to solve application compatibility issues in terms of effort, time and cost. By modifying variables including staff numbers, staff hours, applications included in the project, budget and workdays, you can determine the best avenues for deployment.

Plan application migration projects

The AppDNA software Estate View Report provides overall application compatibility results using a red/amber/green pie chart status to break down detected issues. You can view information for one application, one group of applications or the entire portfolio to determine the best starting points.

Prioritize application errors

The AppDNA software By Error Report highlights the precise nature and scale of issues from a user-defined selection of applications to help establish a priority order for planned remediation. By analyzing application errors by level of difficulty or issue type, you can determine the level of staffing needed to remediate each application.

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