Web Interface & Secure Gateway

Users access their resources through a standard Web browser or through the Citrix online plug-in.


Web Interface

The Web Interface provides users with access to XenApp applications and content and XenDesktop virtual desktops. Users access their resources through a standard Web browser or through the Citrix online plug-in.

Multiple server farm support

You can configure multiple server farms and provide users with a display of the resources available to them from all farms. You can configure each server farm individually using the Server Farms task in the Citrix Web Interface Management console. For more information, see To configure communication with the server.

Disaster recovery

You can specify XenApp and XenDesktop server farms for emergency use when users cannot access any of their production farms, perhaps due to a power failure or network outage. This enables you to make provisions to deal with the loss of access to all production servers so that line-of-business applications or desktops do not suddenly become unavailable.

Shared site configuration

Web Interface for Microsoft Internet Information Services enables you to specify a "master" site that shares its configuration file over the network. Other sites can then be configured to use the master site's configuration rather than a local file.

Integration with popular Web technologies

The Web Interface's API can be accessed from Microsoft's ASP.NET and Sun Microsystems' JavaServer Pages. The Web Interface for Java Application Servers is platform independent, so it can be installed on Windows operating systems where Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is not being used as the Web server.

Client Deployment Features

Web-based client installation

When a user visits a XenApp Web site, the Web Interface detects the device and Web browser types and prompts the user to install an appropriate Citrix client, if one is available. Increased security restrictions in modern operating systems and Web browsers can make it difficult for users to download and deploy Citrix clients, so the Web Interface provides a client detection and deployment process that guides users through the client deployment procedure, including, where appropriate, reconfiguring their Web browser. This ensures that users get an optimal experience when accessing their resources, even from the most restricted environments.

Citrix online plug-in support

The Citrix online plug-in enables users to access resources directly from their desktops without using a Web browser. The user interface of the Citrix online plug-in can also be "locked down" to prevent user misconfiguration.

Citrix offline plug-in support

The Citrix offline plug-in enables users to stream XenApp applications to their desktops and open them locally. You can either install the plug-in with the Citrix online plug-in to provide the full set of Citrix client-side application virtualization features or install the plug-in alone on users' desktops so users can access applications through a Web browser using a XenApp Web site.

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