XenMobile & Worx Mobile Apps

XenMobile moves beyond just mobile device management to deliver employees applications.


Both personal and business life is moving faster.  Mobile users need their apps and data to move at the speed of life.

With the latest release of XenMobile, employees and IT admins can now get their jobs done faster with fewer steps, even in complex environments. XenMobile moves beyond just mobile device management to deliver employees applications including native mobile, Windows desktop, SaaS, and web while providing IT organizations a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution to manage complexity and cost in the mobile world.

Mobile users get more work done in less time

XenMobile 8.6 enhancements to mail and calendar make mobile users productive on the go:

  • Fast join enables users to automatically launch and join GoToMeeting and Webex, sessions directly from their calendar
  • Fast dial allows conference bridge numbers and participant IDs to be auto-dialed and entered
  • Mobile users can access work faster with fast auth.XenMobile 8.6 allows users to quickly access business apps from their mobile device by simply entering a secure PIN. Other MDM solutions require users to enter complex Active Directory passwords that require capital letters, special characters, etc.
  • Two factor authentication can be enabled via Active Directory certificates

IT organizations can respond faster and more easily to the changing needs of their business.

XenMobile simplifies enterprise mobility deployments across the varied platforms and devices that users bring into organizations. With the latest version of XenMobile, it's easier than ever for IT to configure and roll out mobility deployments, coupled with even more security capabilities and support for more mobile devices, data, apps and networks.

  • Quickly mobilize remote offices with wizards-based deployment
  • Enable day-one productivity of newly acquired companies via multi-domain support
  • Easily onboard new business units or subsidiaries
  • Integration with Apple iOS 7 MDM APIs as well as Samsung KNOX and Amazon MDM platforms extend the 60+ application-specific policy controls of XenMobile
  • New support for HTML email and Office 365 enhances existing WorxMail capabilities
  • Enhanced SSO with Kerberos authentication and pin-based certificates to deliver advanced app authentication policies
  • Information rights management (IRM) policies for WorxMail to help control message attributes and expiration for highly secure environments

Flexible cloud deployment options

All three editions of XenMobile can now be deployed in the Cloud, hosted by either Citrix or a Citrix Strategic Partner. Citrix strategic partners extend the value of XenMobile with valued-added managed and consulting services that enable robust, integrated enterprise-ready mobility solutions.

Secure mobile web applications for business

People want and expect to work when and where they need to, regardless of what device they are using. Increasingly, this need has turned the focus onto apps – but the app revolution has serious implications for enterprise IT when it comes to security and compliance.

For many organizations, the risk of a rogue or questionable app has led to many apps being blocked, which can cause frustration and paralyze the productivity gains expected from mobile web applications. To address this challenge, Citrix and its partners in the app development community have created Worx Mobile Apps.

With Worx Mobile Apps, any developer or administrator can add enterprise capabilities, such as data encryption, password authentication or a application-specific micro VPN. IT can find Worx-enabled apps in the Worx App Gallery and developers can use the App Gallery to promote their apps.

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