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RES Workspace Manager and RES IT Store Consoles provide IT professional with one place to go to manage the needs of the users.


The Unified Console is a single pane of glass for the RES Automation Manager, RES Workspace Manager and RES IT Store Consoles, providing the IT professional with one place to go to manage the needs of the users.


People qualify for services. Qualification is gathered from external identity sources such as Human Resource Systems, Financial Systems or Active Directory. Once the identity source is set up it will be used to uniquely identify users and gather additional information that will be used to determine user profiles.


During the request phase, which occurs after a user is qualified, services can be requested either automatically or manually through self service via an intuitive web interface. All services are stored in a Service Catalog for easy management and maintenance.


After a user qualifies for a service, a subscription workflow trigger is used to determine when the service will be delivered. It can be an automatic trigger, a re-provisioning trigger (in the event of a reorganization, for example) or a manual trigger (a user requesting self service).

The subscription workflow contains the business logic of what should happen during the delivery phase of a service. This can be in the form of activities such as approvals, requesting information, using checklists or invoking an automated change activity.


When a user has subscribed to a service and it has been delivered to the desktop, it needs to be adapted to suit any workstyle, location and device. Through context aware configuration IT can make sure services are adapted to a user's real-time situation.

With advanced profile management, consistency will be maintained when users travel or use different devices throughout their workdays. For example, if a user accesses an end point that does not support a specialized stylus peripheral, then that application should not be exposed to that user.

Or if you have a large campus or building, then the user should have their printers and other devices dynamically assigned to them based on ipsubnet, WiFi access point or other criteria. (No more wasted service desk tickets for users who just want to print their boarding passes!)

Dynamically adapting services will help IT add value by removing obstacles and making services easier to use.


In order for IT to remain compliant and offer secure services, an IT Store Solution can ensure service security by leveraging context awareness. Access to services can be limited in real-time as users travel between different locations. If a user changes WiFi hot spot, IP Subnet, end point device or works outside certain defined hours, access to sensitive corporate apps and data can be prohibited. This can mean, for example, no access to sensitive data when a user connects via a coffee shop's wireless network.

Application usage can easily be measured and license policies enforced as the complete desktop environment is being managed by IT professionals from a single console.


At the end of the lifecycle the service will be returned. This return trigger will unsubscribe the service automatically when there's an organizational change or manually when cancelled by the user. The unsubscribe workflow contains the business logic that determines what activities should happen during the return of the service. This can be approvals, requesting information, checklists or invoking an automatic change activity. Unsubscribing automatically will make sure all resources are de-provisioned when a user no longer qualifies for a service.

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