VMware vSphere & Horizon

VMware® Horizon™ bridges the gap between end-user needs and IT responsibility.


VMware® Horizon™ Suite bridges the gap between end-user needs and IT responsibility, delivering secure, manageable and robust end-user computing across all devices.

Simplified Environment

Managing individual endpoints is inefficient and costly in a complex environment. Streamline and simplify operations by turning disparate operating systems, applications and data into centralized services that can be easily provisioned, managed and delivered to end users.

With a simplified environment, you can:

  • Transform silos into centralized services – Virtualize desktops and aggregate applications and user data with Horizon Suite. Services are centrally allocated to users and governed by company-wide entitlement and access policies that you define.
  • Streamline and automate operations – IT gains a single interface for providing employee access to desktops, files and applications.
  • Provide a single aggregated workspace for end users – Employees gain a secure workspace with private, direct access to their desktop, applications and data, on any device.
  • Eliminate incentives for rogue technologies – Replace outdated technologies with easy file sharing and robust mobile access to applications—dissolving user motivations to introduce non-secure outlier technologies.
  • Future-proof your IT investments – Horizon Suite is user-centric: applications are allocated to individuals and groups rather than their devices. The result is a dynamic workspace that accommodates emerging applications with minimal configuration and provisioning.

Management and Security

The identity access management (IAM) technology in VMware Horizon Suite unifies silos of user identities into a single identity, leveraging your enterprise directory and enabling the organization to define access through enterprise polices. Managers gain control over user-access policies and can integrate Horizon Suite into their existing workflow systems.

Increased management and security means you can:

  • Deliver agile and elastic infrastructure – Applications, data and desktops are untethered from hardware silos to provide a responsive and scalable environment.
  • Enable zero-touch physical and virtual desktop management – Liberate your staff from disruptive manual administration tools with centralized and automated desktop services management across the LAN and WAN.
  • Universally apply access and security policies – Preclude security breaches and compliance faults by setting up access and governance policies that manage entitlement and utilization of end-user computing services.
  • Maximize availability and uptime – Gain continuous, automated backup of every physical and virtual desktop so you can readily supply replacement PCs that let users pick up right where they left off.
  • Reduce total cost of desktop ownership by 50 percent – Virtualization and centralized desktop management mean cost-saving conveniences like zero-touch disaster recovery, break-fix and automated Windows 7 migration.
  • Standardize your management infrastructure – Deliver and manage services via a single end-user computing platform for higher scalability, greater security and control, and enhanced reliability.

Empowering End Users

Mobile users need the freedom to choose the right device for each task and setting. With VMware Horizon Suite, users gain on-demand access to all applications through an easy-to-use application catalog, a single web-based workspace and one secure login.

By empowering users, you can:

  • Boost productivity everywhere – End-users gain instant access to all their applications and data—whether at their desks, in a meeting, at home, in transit or halfway around the world.
  • Support BYOD initiatives – Enable access by end-user identity rather than by specific device. Employees can use the PC, tablet or smartphone they prefer, and they can use the same mobile device for their work and personal life, with full privacy protection.
  • Supply direct, immediate access – Applications and data are consolidated into a single workspace, securely delivered to end users on any device.
  • Enable end-user collaboration – Users can easily share applications and data with colleagues, manage and track all versions of their files and monitor who can review, edit and comment on their materials.
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