Mobile Device Management

Secure, scalable and cost-effective solution to manage complexity and cost in the mobile world.


Both personal and business life is moving faster.  Mobile users need their apps and data to move at the speed of life.

With the latest release of XenMobile, employees and IT admins can now get their jobs done faster with fewer steps, even in complex environments. XenMobile moves beyond just mobile device management to deliver employees applications including native mobile, Windows desktop, SaaS, and web while providing IT organizations a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution to manage complexity and cost in the mobile world.

Mobile device management, mobile application management and secure productivity in one comprehensive solution

XenMobile allows IT to easily meet mobile device security and compliance requirements for BYO and corporate liable devices while giving users the freedom to experience work and life their way. Unlike other mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) products, XenMobile provides the quickest path to productivity for mobile users with the lowest cost of ownership:

  • Access secure mobile, Windows desktop, SaaS and web apps from a unified corporate app store.
  • Deliver productivity apps including native-like email and browser that both users and IT love.
  • Secure enterprise apps with a single line of code or wrap apps post development without adding any code.

Configure, secure and support mobile devices with MDM

Employees can use any device they choose, while IT can ensure mobile device security and corporate compliance with role-based controls such as jail-broken or rooted device detection and selective wipe of work data.

Mobile application management with the largest ecosystem of business apps

Worx Mobile Apps are a collection of apps from Citrix, Citrix partners and enterprise developers that leverage the Worx App software developer kit (SDK). Developers can embed a library of security controls into any app with a single line of code or wrap apps post-development without adding any code to their app. ISVs can use Worx App Gallery to promote their apps.

Maintain mobile application security with Citrix productivity apps

Citrix sandboxed email, browser and document sharing apps ensure that corporate data is encrypted and always under IT control while maintaining a rich user experience.

Unified corporate app store with multi-factor single sign-on

Provide a single location for mobile users to access all of their apps (native mobile, Windows, SaaS and web) and simplify the user experience.

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