Private Label Services

VDC can be extension to your existing team and provide professional services to your client.


Just as the user community is demanding a more dynamic solutions, servers, application and desktops, we identified that the resellers and partners of all sizes across the country were in need dynamic professional services as well. Virtual Dynamics Corporation is in the business of delivering on demand, Microsoft and Citrix consultation and engineering transparently and seamlessly when you need it most.

We've all been there, landing a project only to realize that your existing resources are previously engaged or that you need a higher level of expertise. Instead of asking your client to wait for an available engineer and allowing them to consider your competition as an option or even worse turning a lucrative project away - Call Virtual Dynamics Corporation. From pre-sales to delivery and post support as well as managed services, we are ready for action.

Private Label Services Definition

What does "Private Label Services" mean? It means that the elite engineering team here at Virtual Dynamics Corporation becomes an extension to your existing team and provides professional services to your client, representing your firm. Our engineers will provide the services required and present themselves as experts from your organization. We maintain this transparency from start to finish for projects large or small.

Whether it is specialized talent and experience that is needed, pre-sales assistance or just an extra pair of experienced hands, our engineering team will become a successful solution in helping you retain the project that your sales team worked hard to close and bring your clients project to completion. We will even go as far as to identify additional opportunities within your client’s network and report those opportunities to your management staff and sales team.

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It's never too early to develop and engage in a mutually successful partnership - and it's free. Virtual Dynamics Corporation will only be a phone call away and will be ready to assist from pre-sales to implementation until the project is brought to completion.

We are the services team that you will see behind the curtain on many of the larger, more complex engagements going on today. Our organization is in the business of establishing long term relationships with our clients. We are here to be an asset to our clients continued growth and future success. That being said, we stay in regular communication with you to better understand upcoming engagements and assure availability.

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Understanding the Real Impact

Organizations today understand the benefits to a virtual infrastructure, but not all understand the complete impact to business. Let us help you get the full picture with an assessment of your environment. You'll be surprised at what the real cost of ownership is and how we can help reduce it. Our proven approach and methodology is used to understand the impact to business from end to end.

Free Health Check

If you have a virtualization solution and are having some challenges, use our express virtualization health check service to get an understanding of what's wrong and how we can help.

Free Support

Learn how our clients get access to free technical support services from our award winning team. You can take advantage of our special support offerings too.