Virtualization Services

Our Professional Services Team will help you define your requirements and justify design decisions.


Determining the right overall architecture that delivers a delightful user experience requires clarity around use cases, application delivery and integration, infrastructure integration and sound operational management. How you introduce, update, or expand your Citrix environment will require thoughtful consideration so that you implement the right FlexCast model that meets your needs. 

Our Professional Services Team will help you better define your requirements and justify design decisions by taking into account the full functionality of Microsoft, Citrix and VMware technologies as well as your unique business and technical considerations. With well over 18 years of proven implementation success in virtualization, our professional services team can take you through the entire methodology.

Typical Engagements

Our Professional Services Team offers customized engagements to meet the specific needs of your environment; however, the following virtualization offerings are available to help you get started.

Desktop Transformation Assessment

A Desktop Transformation Assessment provides guidance for your end-to-end desktop virtualization strategy by assessing your business drivers and providing a project plan that focuses on reducing time to value.

Our Professional Services Team will work with you to:

  • Determine and validate key business drivers
  • Enumerate and quantify desktops and applications in use today
  • Group users that have common technical and business requirements
  • Determine the time to value for each user group based on technical complexity and the available resources
  • Transform these inputs into a tiered project roadmap based on business priorities and time to value so that the most impactful projects can be implemented first

Delivery Model

Leveraging Microsoft, Citrix and VMware Delivery Technologies, the delivery model is applied to accelerate time to deployment by quickly establishing a production-ready pilot environment that serves a set number of users. These projects are multi-phase and can be one, three, five, seven, or nine weeks in length, depending on project complexity.

Our Professional Services Team will work with you to:

  • Gather requirements through review sessions
  • Validate the use cases
  • Design the environment to support each use case
  • Conduct environment and user testing
  • Deploy the environment to a limited number of users in a pilot

Projects will be completed within 90 days of purchase and are not subject to acceptance.

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Understanding the Real Impact

Organizations today understand the benefits to a virtual infrastructure, but not all understand the complete impact to business. Let us help you get the full picture with an assessment of your environment. You'll be surprised at what the real cost of ownership is and how we can help reduce it. Our proven approach and methodology is used to understand the impact to business from end to end.

Free Health Check

If you have a virtualization solution and are having some challenges, use our express virtualization health check service to get an understanding of what's wrong and how we can help.

Free Support

Learn how our clients get access to free technical support services from our award winning team. You can take advantage of our special support offerings too.