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System Status & Availability Notifications

This notification area delivers important updates and messages to clients and employees related to the availability of Virtual Dynamics Corporation resources.

Virtual Dynamics Corporation - Midwest Data Center      Online & Available        Next Scheduled Maintenance January 1st | 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Virtual Dynamics Corporation - Client Access Portal Online & Available No Additional Notifications
Virtual Dynamics Corporation - SoCal Data Center Online & Available No Additional Notifications


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We can remotely monitor, manage and support Microsoft, VMware and Citrix environments in a proactive manner.


Our managed service offering focuses on the virtualization components to your infrastructure. We can remotely monitor, manage and support Microsoft, VMware and Citrix environments in a proactive manner.

Consider a managed service if you have a virtualization solution and are looking to reduce the cost and risk of managing that environment or you have implemented your virtualization strategy and find yourself a bit overwhelmed.

We have helped our clients save tens of thousands of dollars a year, while giving them a stable network that is easy to maintain.

Lower Total IT Costs

Through a regular monthly fee that covers all preventative and proactive maintenance for your virtualization environment, total IT costs are lowered. We monitor a number of key health indicators, update patches and regularly make upgrades and provide fixes before users are impacted or notice a decline in performance. With unlimited Helpdesk support included as part of our support services, most issues that users do experience are problems that can be quickly corrected without an office visit or hourly fee.

Reduced Hidden Costs and Increased Staff Productivity

When you have a virtualization infrastructure that instable and secure, with fewer disruptions or outages, your staff have more time to be productive. Our standardization strategies assure that all the tools your staff need are at their fingertips while lowering training costs and reducing time-consuming support calls. Our team of certified Engineers provides remote maintenance, fixing even the most complicated problems behind the scenes.

Greater IT Cost Predictability

Even with the most robust IT support structure, most small-to-medium businesses struggle to determine how much should be set aside each month for IT support to deal with tricky issues or server and network outages. With our fixed monthly fees that cover monitoring, preventative maintenance, and unlimited remote support, our clients know their exact IT costs per month, and they can budget and plan appropriately.

Stronger Alignment of IT with Business Goals

Our clients have access to our consultants, individuals who have worked with other small-to-medium-sized organizations to ensure that IT furthers company strategy. Our consultants examine client business goals and provide advice and support based on both available and future technology, looking for ways to make our clients' virtualization infrastructure not only stronger but also more efficient. All with the purpose of making sure current IT investments match the uniqueness and breadth of our clients' visions.

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Understanding the Real Impact

Organizations today understand the benefits to a virtual infrastructure, but not all understand the complete impact to business. Let us help you get the full picture with an assessment of your environment. You'll be surprised at what the real cost of ownership is and how we can help reduce it. Our proven approach and methodology is used to understand the impact to business from end to end.

Free Health Check

If you have a virtualization solution and are having some challenges, use our express virtualization health check service to get an understanding of what's wrong and how we can help.

Free Support

Learn how our clients get access to free technical support services from our award winning team. You can take advantage of our special support offerings too.